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Ports face several new challenges requiring them to meet demands for sophisticated data communication solutions. No longer content with just handling their cargo, customers increasingly expect ports to be sophisticated at handling their data. They also expect ports to have the most sophisticated data technology available to handle the way they move data around the terminal.
Enterprise Port Management System (EPMSis an Internet (web) based end-to-end integrated Port solution from panelcoder that handles vessel and cargo movement activities in and out of the port. For better decision-making the system provides users with real time information about vessel arrival / departure, port facilities management, cargo & logistics information, gate operations, etc. The objective of the application is to get the highest competitiveness by maximizing the work efficiency, enabling effective usage of port facilities and achieving customer satisfaction by high quality service. It also provides you with various enterprise based functional, operational & management modules with seamless integration & interoperability.
Marine Operations
Allows the user to effectively and efficiently manage Marine operations such as Anchorage, Pilotage, Berthing, Unberthing, Shifting and Warping. It also caters to systemized management for vessel arrival / departure and movement status in the port, berth management, automatic invoice generation / calculation of port dues and services requested, etc.
Cargo Operations
Provides a solution for the smooth management of import /export process documentation and helps to plan, allocate, schedule, control and monitor all cargo operations to maximize their productivity and efficiency. The application captures the activities and functions of Gate, Warehouse and Rail.