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We are aiming at a perfect range of online marketing services that are designed to get more money and more customers to your business. We know how important visitors are to your website. We know that a pretty website is just a pretty website – to get Return on Investment, you need traffic. And not any kind of traffic, it is targeted traffic!

So how does a website usually get traffic anyway? With our experience when dealing with this field of service, we find out that on average 15% of the traffic that gets to your website is direct, meaning that a user simply types the web address directly in their browsers (e.g.; 5% originates from others linking to your site (e.g. Banners, Affiliate links, Popups,…) and about 80% comes from search engines! There is quite a wide scale of Search engines which can be found nowadays. Among them we are focusing on SEO, SEM (PPC) and Email marketing. 

SEO)Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads a website to top positioning within a search engine’s natural results, in order to drive qualified traffic. Our specialists help your websites rank above the competition through strategic content writing, quality link building, search engine friendly web design and development. Your websites will be optimized for major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN… 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid placement of a website within search engine ranking. Pay-per-click involves careful setup, strategic writing, and bidding for keyphrases to effect optimal positioning under “sponsored” results. 

Email Marketing delivers welcomed information about products or services to a targeted audience. This is direct marketing at its best, with a means to measure the effectiveness of consumer interest through newsletters, surveys, and promotional campaigns